Meet MORE Single Biker Women on the Road

A HD Organisation report on motorycycle riding trends shows that more than a quarter of bikers are female who spend more than 12 hours on riding alone or with friends every week, and the number of female rider is on the rise. It is no doubt a good news for male riders that the increasing percentage of biker women will relieve the tension of the sex ratio imbalance. So how do we explain why women rider keep increasing? A new statistic, from the No.1 biker dating site, shows that more single females like to hook up with a guy on a Harley-Davidson. Its latest investigation revealed many women riders especially love riding a Harley Fatboy beacause this type of bike is easy for females to control. Another reason is that the favorable ratio of single women to men give more chances to women who are still riding alone and looking for a special Harley match.

Another report, from the great Harley dating website, also show us some interesting ideas from its registered members. For example, user monica07 in the dating community said "I hate riding on the back of a bike, it's a lot more fun being in control". Another member Jessiehd07, who has been on the dating website for three months, mentioned that she just enjoyed the freedom moment on her Harley babe since she never need to think about bills or send kids to college when moving on the road. More interesting still, a veteran women Harley rider said she wouldn't trade her bike for anything since it always lead her to some new experiences and funny things.

A lot of female motorcycle riders always try to ride out as long as their riding buddies invite them to go for a ride, no matter the weather is good or not. If you are a biker, you must understand the reason why they love the style of group riding. If you are a biking beginner,  it is time to know that biker lifestyle is more than riding alone but sharing riding experiences and roads with biker friends. You maybe not believe that there are over 10 million women motorcycle riders in US, but 30% of them tend to ride alone across the road. You may be puzzled by the way female ride their bikes. Why don't they find an excellent team to ride together with? Maybe, you just don't know that most of them are beginning riders who have not kept up with any MCs. Do not hesitate invite them to the group, clubs or online biker social sites of yours when you see them on the road. Your invitation will save many women's riding life since many women have given up riding because they can't find other biker buddies to ride with.

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