Single Biker Women in Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle women are not allowed to join “traditional” motorcycle clubs in a few decades ago. But nowadays, more and more women who love motorcycle riding lifestyle, have joined some motorcycle clubs to communicate with other male and female motorcycle riders and establish friendships with them. You may wonder what the role women motorcycle riders act as in their biker clubs? It is hard to answer this question since it is decided by the type of club that biker women have joined.

You may not know that different motorcycle clubs have different culture. In general, biker clubs are divided into two types according to different MC culture. Some clubs are normal riding clubs, and another ones are outlaw biker clubs. Biker women are only allowed to be a“property” in outlaw clubs and some normal clubs no matter if they have their own bike or not. They will be kept out of the club if they do not agree to be the club property. As a result, there are only some full-female clubs or outlaw clubs left for them to join, but women would not like to join those clubs for many reasons below.
1. These full-female clubs are not recognized by biker men.
2. They can not meet local single biker men in female MCs.
3. Some illegal members in outlaw MCs are not their choice.

A famous book named Reaper's Property written by Joanna Wylde offers full and accurate stories of biker women in motorcycle club. Joanna says in her book that the role of Harley women in the motorcycle clubs is wonderful very much  on account of those mutiple riding styles of biker men. This book is welcomed by all male and female riders in MCs because it describes the lifestyle of biker women and men in motorcycle clubs as well as the special culture of them in real. Through this book, you can see that motorcycle club culture is variety, so please remember that judging one club just according to the law enforcement sources to sociological studies is not fair to other clubs.

Women in a biker club are always called “old ladies” or “property” because male riders have given them the subsidiary nature, but Joanna think biker women should not just be property of a club after talking with some club women. They think the reason that biker women depend on biker men is because they give everything to men. But it doesn't means they will lose their independence in the club.

Motorcycle club culture is complex and different, so it can not be written in a short article. If you want to know more about biker women in motorcycle club, please consider taking part in some online clubs or biker dating sites such as and You can know more about different biker lifetyle, motorcycle cultures when you share yours with others on the site.