TOP 3 is no doubt the NO.1 biker dating site online. It has been online dedicated to biker dating service for 14 years since 2001, so it is a only veteran dating site for biker singles and friends.

After 14 years of development, has gathered more than 500,000 motorcycle riders registered on the site. What's more? It not only provides the most advanced dating services to biker singles, but also offers the most professional dating features customized for motorcycle riders. We will not comment on those features that almost all dating sites have. Let us focus on introduce those special services tailored for male and female motorcycle riders only.

1. Certified Biker feature.
To be a Certified biker, users need to send their motorcycle driving license to the site customer manager for preview. A Certified logo will appear under the profile only when the site staff have checked the attached picture of a people's driving license. This feature will help you find real motorcycle riders epecially when you are a single women looking for a backseat position dating. It also provide Harley men more chances to date with single ladies who love motorcycle riding lifestyle.

2. Motorcycle Garage Gallery.
As a biker, you should know that all riders pay more attention to the bike types you are riding. Some women who ride a Harley-Davidson bike would not like to date with a guy who ride Honda motorbike. So it is very important for members to show other users what you are riding. Your motorcycle photo gallery will show others your riding styles and give them more ways to understand you.

3.Looking for a Passenger or Backseat.
You may not know that increasing numbers of women are seeking husbands who ride a motorcycle, especially those who ride a Harley bike. They do not have their own motorcycle, but would like to seat on the passenger position when dating with a Harley guy. It was ever reported that some women even had an orgasm from a moving Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This may not be true, but it must be attractive for many women that Harley-Davidson motorcycle no longer bringing them joy and fulfillmen.

4. Biker Tattoos
Tattoo culture is no doubt one important part of biker lifestyle, so many men and women Harley riders like to show others their sexy tattoo graphics on their dating profile. They may be excited if they know that provides a special section for them to show their tattoo photo along with their dating profile.

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