Advice and tips for women who are dating an outlaw biker man

outlaw biker coupes in a biker rally
We can always see many women who are dating with outlaw bikers all over the nation. Some of them often send me letters with this kind of question "Can you give girls dating with outlaw biker girls some advice?". The answers and advice are different because each motorcycle club has its special culture and rules, but those women are not willing to tell me about what club her biker man rides with in detail.

First of all, I need to make it clear for them about the meaning of “outlaw”. It means somebody who is rebellious or flouts the law, which is bad. So, it is certain that when motorcycle clubs are talked about with words like this kind, they will certainly change it by doing something good.

It is sensible for those women who send the letters to me want to remain anonymous and not want to tell me the motorcycle clubs their biker men or husbands ride with. They are wise enough to know that it is not safe to tell me too much information about themselves, because they and their husband could in trouble if things are found out.

As for this situation these women is in, I want to say that I totally understand. So, in order to help them to get out of this situation, I decide to write several articles about how to deal with these problems. I hope my advice information will do these women a favor to do the right decision about the outlaw biker men in their lives.

I have said before that I don't know everything about all biker clubs especially those Harley motorcycle clubs. Outsiders are not allowed to know anything about them. So if I do ever learn things about them, it is for sure the clubs will change something to make my information useless.

I'll state with the Property Patches for biker women, a way to mark a woman as a property. Most ordinary people don't understand this action and will feel uncomfortable to see the property patches on biker women. In fact, it is a way to protect them in the eyes of bikers. It means if anyone harms this woman, he will know the consequence. He displeases not only her biker man or husband, but also the entire biker club that her husband is patched with. So, don't misunderstand that the patch is tagging a woman as a slave. It just shows the motorcycle clubs the woman’s husband rides with.

Besides, outlaw biker men will expect their girls or wives act properly and show a great deal of wisdom in public. And she should keep reasonable sobriety when she is not with her biker husband.