How do Christian Bikers Play Hard to Get that Will Actually Work

In the world of biker dating sites, rules such as playing hard to get to gain attention seems to be outdated and only apply to a very slim percentage of situations. However, unlike other Harley dating sites who consider playing hard to get as pointless,, the largest motorcycle dating site has assembled a few expert tips for Harley man and Harley women on how to play hard to get correctly that will actually work for motorcycle riders who love both motorcycle riding and Jesus

Playing hard to get actually requires a lot more tricks than any other biker dating advice. Because bikers who like biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus have to take into account what’s the limit of his/her biker man or biker woman. Just as every motorcycle man and motorcycle women has different definition of love, so does their preference of being challenged by you. Before you start to play this little trick to catch the attention of your Christian biker singles, get to know him/her first. As far as how much attention is just enough the attention of your Christian biker guy or Christian  biker girls, we are good to go!  

Knowing the slight difference of what your biker chicks or biker dude wants and needs is of vital importance of playing hard to get. Thus you have to figure out how much attention for your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle guy is not too much to handle, but also not too little to cause problems. For example, if your Chrisrian biker is extremely jealous and constantly seek for a lot of attention, then texting im/her back after three days of no replying would only make the situation worse since your Christian motorcycle rider won’t find that you care and might call it quit.

Making contributions makes a big part of a mutually beneficial relationship, therefore not only you, but also your Harley motorcycle rider needs to work for the attention they want. By make your male Harley rider or female Harley rider feel that there is a necessity to make an effort to get what they want, will instantly spice up the relationship by adding a bit more tension in the game filed, which by no means you should hide the affection you have for your motorcycle babes, but add a bit more standard to it.

Last but not least, take things slowly and progressively. Playing hard to get can be presented by many forms such as take a bit more time apart, make your man biker or women biker jealous or respond less to his/ her text messages. However, what’s important is that always remember your original goal and don’t take things too further away. I had a friend John who’s also a Christian biker single and tried to play hard to get with a Christian biker chick, after weeks of intentionally elaborated short and cold message, the relationship went south because John’s biker girlfriend thought he didn’t care at all.