True Love Story of a Harley Motorcycle Rider

As one of the 20,000 Harley motorcycle riders who have met their biker girls or biker guys on the online biker dating sites, I have my unique stories to tell in order to inspire you, all the male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders out there who are seeking to conduct an active social life using the powerful tool of internet,

unlike all the single biker girls and biker guys who have never been married, it was after I got out of my first marriage that I got introduced to the free Harley dating websites. It was indeed not easy for a mid-aged woman who is interested in Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle to find a ideal motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy on biker dating service. However, one of my friend who is also passionate about Harley Davidson bike has introduced me to the online biker dating site designed to cater to the needs of biker women, biker man, motorcycle women as well as motorcycle man in their 30 and 40s. 

Once I was signed in on the biker dating website, I was shocked by the amazing features and unique forums of the online dating website. Unlike what most online biker dating websites are like: biker dudes and biker chicks get matches by swiping left and right based on the appearance, on this online biker dating website, the smart matching system can match the Harley guys and Harley girls with compatible personalities, qualities as well as hobbies. For example, I have always been deeply intrigued by the Harley Davidson bike as well as the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. And within three days since I was firstly signed up, I have matched with more than 30 compatible motorcycle women and motorcycle man, among whom, I found my wife. 

It was not hard at all to ask a biker lady out maybe because we have already had our messages exchanged for quite a while. And the fact that we took turns to build the tension makes it extremely natural to finally invite this motorcycle lady out for a drink. 

As for the very first date, I have made mistakes by making the conversation with my Harley motorcycle rider fallen into awkward silence. But think it in another way: I am the way I am and I was just showing the motorcycle babe the deeper side that others wouldn’t normally show on the very first date. 

Luckily, she invited me on the second date after my continuous anxiety after my not-so-good-performance on the first date. But it seemed like my awkward behavior had even dragged us closer during the second one, where the relationship between the biker dude and biker girl was officially established.

And things have gone extremely well after the first few dates: the more we spend time with each other, the more compatible we think the other biker partner is for us. And guess what? I purposed to my motorcycle babe and the wedding is going to be in January!