On Online Biker Dating Site How to Optimize the Success Rate

It is common sense that finding that special someone who is also interested in Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle isn't easy: firstly establishing a connection with another male Harley rider or female Harley rider depends on way too many factors other than merely compatibility: no matter it is appearance, hobbies, desires or life goals, there is much more than that for biker women and biker man to form a long term and stable relationship out of it. If you're one of the millions of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who are trying out online Harley dating websites, it is totally normal if you sometimes feel overwhelmed not only by the amount of single Harley riders you can match with, but also by the huge number of rejection that may entail by the same potential motorcycle women and motorcycle man.

If you have already tried out online biker dating, you may feel so discouraged by a string of bad dates or rejections to a point where you want to go back to the conventional way of motorcycle dating. But it is important to realize that dating a Harley guy or Harley girls is a bit of an art: only if you are using the online biker  dating site with the right strategy and biker dating advice you can find a biker chick or biker dude worth your while, whatever your what your end goal is.

Form a connection though voice calls and messages.
Surprisingly, a huge number of biker chicks as well as biker dudes tend to have small talks on online biker dating websites which helps little to form a real connection between the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. However, according to the biker dating expert who has been studying relationships for motorcycle couples for 7 years, said that it is the perfect chance to stir up a fire between the male Harley rider and female Harley rider, which does not only help biker babe and motorcycle babe to get to know each other better, but also makes it possible to have a even stronger connection when meeting in person for the first time. Scientific studies show that biker couples who have already formed a connection before the first date, no matter how little it is, has 74% more success rate than those who don’t.  

The first date plan.
Whenever we talk about the first date in person between Harley chicks and Harley riders, the very first idea comes to our mind is always a fancy Italian restaurant where a single glass of win costs a fortune. However, things are different for man biker and women biker who are more easy-going, down to earth and pursue for feelings. Thus, a perfect date idea between motorcycle couples should be simple, brief and stress free. Inviting your potential biker girlfriend o biker boyfriend to the local bar in happy hours just for one hour or two would be a great idea too!